PSN is Back – Time for Mortal Kombat

The PlayStation Network is back online… can’t wait to get back to some Call of Duty stress relief. Though, I think what I am looking forward to the most is trying some of the online features for the new Mortal Kombat. <- read my review

So, if you’ve been waiting for the PlayStation Network to be back online, the time has finally arrived. Mutliplayer service has been restored for most of the US and Canada — with the rest of the world coming soon. Other features such as the PlayStation Store won’t be ready until later this month.

All users will have to update their firmware and change their passwords before accessing the online features. This took me a few tries as Sony’s servers were probably over-loaded from the mass amount of users trying to change their passwords and get back online all at the same time. I did get through though, hurray — see you online!

Read more on the PSN Blog.

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  • P.R.Logan....the artist

    June 13, 2011

    Awsome stuff Toni…….great art…optical stuff is very kool….bud

  • Toni

    June 22, 2011

    Thanks Bud — hey your site is down. I’ve been getting a 403 forbidden error on it for a few days now.

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