Nifty Upcoming Technology and Gadgets

It’s 2012 (or another year if you are reading this from the future). Not too long ago there was no Wii, Kindle, iPhones, etc. Remember? Apps use to be something waiters would try to sell you.

Today I just learned about Google Glasses, set to be released this year! These glasses will project information to the wearer (think Terminator vision). Augmented Reality is what many folks are calling the technology. Get use to that phrase: augmented reality.

Here’s a quick video bit about Google Glasses:

Another interesting product is the Nokia GEM – only a concept, but look forward to more gadgets using similar technology in the near future.

Flying Robots – if the Google Glasses didn’t give you enough of a post-apocalyptic warm and fuzzy feeling:

That’s all for now — have a link or vid to another interesting future technology or gadget? Leave a comment. Thanks!

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