Food, Weapons and Philosophy

A few of my friends started blogs over the last year…
and they are worth visiting.  So, have a look:

Eat Drink Breathe – My buddy Shawn’s journal of cooking, eating and foraging experiences on Vancouver Island and the Northwest coast of BC, Washington and Oregon.

Shawn is a fantastic chef, (at the best Japanese restaurant in town)  and an excellent writer. You’ll find interesting bits of information intertwined with philosophical musings and a lot of good food.

Check out his roasted brussel sprouts:

Roasted Brussel Sprouts
You’ll never boil your brussel sprouts again.

So Good. Keep up the great work, Shawn (and Crystal)! It will be time for spring foraging on Vancouver Island soon….

Enough food, time for weapons. Or maybe baking? Yes, swords and cake!

The Knight Baker’s Blog – Swords and Sweets, Food and Fencing. Another great blog written by Simon (who I met through Shawn — hey, we live on an island),  a baker / sword-guy.

Simon says… learn about Stoicism and how to make steamed pork buns.

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