F is for Flying

I have a good excuse for the lack of updates: life changing experiences!

I stumbled into a sweet gig last summer. I got to fly over Vancouver Island on fire patrols in a Cessna 150 airplane. My job was as a fire-spotter, but I also got to take the controls.

“There is an art, … or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”
— Douglas Adams

Nothing compares to the natural high of landing an airplane.

Besides the fire patrols, which were about 3 hours long flying through scenic mountain ranges and along the coast — I also got to tag along on a charter flight to Homathko Camp.

Learning to fly has always been on my life to-do list, but figured it would be a retirement hobby. I felt completely lucky. But the flight to Homathko Camp changed my life — just look at this place.

Only accessible by air or a long boat ride to the end of Bute Inlet, I had the rare opportunity to see this amazing off-the-grid paradise.

Oh right, the life changing bit…  I decided that I have to become a pilot.

Now, I only need about $40,000 for lessons and a few years to realize my dream. I contemplated selling my website or begging my parents…but I think I have another trick up the sleeve. Stay tuned!

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