Mother Mary / Vagina

My friend Mar says this pic of the Virgin Mary looks like a vagina:

vaginal mary

I agree.

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8 Responses to Mother Mary / Vagina

  1. Vic says:

    I am mexican, where supossedly the 90% of the population is catholic, so, in other words, this would be blasfemy for me and Id go crazy and condem the idea and should go frentic and start a holy war, but the problem is…I am not catholic… (:)), therefore I think it is a really interesting idea to consider that sacred image like a pussy…in fact…you are right…it looks like…would it be the reason Virgin of Guadalupe is so popular in Mexico? because it catches the attention of the subconcious of men in Mexico? (Mexico is a traditional country and Macho Culture oriented)…Funny… :)

  2. Mar says:

    it does look like a vagina. and it makes sense. :P

    i was just thinking about it randomly and googled vagina mary and this was the first thing to come up, hilarious.

  3. Donna says:

    Having been in women’s health for MANY years, I can’t say I remember EVER seeing her in any of the viginas I encountered. Having said that, as soon as I saw
    this photo, I had to think “my goodness, it DOES look like that”!

  4. dont take it cliteraly!

  5. Marwa Yafi says:

    This pic means: the power of Moongodess Mary is by sungod Jesus
    (Moon is under Mary)
    Vagina of Mary was worshipped, as the “Dove) & the sex organ. There is no way to attach images, but you may searc on Google: Porta_tosa Milan
    This door was demolished but the pictures still in memory. & Many others in French old pictures as in “Church Verlac Aveyron France” & under this name in Irland & England: “sheela hold gates Ireland” & “Sheela Bridlington”.
    Christianity was falsified by Paul’s Jewish group of Antioch…

  6. Toni says:

    Marwa, Thanks for the info — I looked at the Porta_tosa Milan – will have do more research on the subject later. Really interesting, thanks for posting.

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