Teenagers on Phones Taking Selfies

A dive into the shallow water of selfies.
Teenagers, phones, selfies – I have a lot to say, but…

First, my favorite viral video of 2015: teenagers on phones taking selfies at a baseball game.

The CBC covered the story and the mostly ridiculous responses from social media. Update: found this video, which is an interview on the Ellen Show — they are actually in college? Crazy.

SSS – Sad Selfie Statistics

The Daily Mail reported on UK survey of 2,000 women found that those aged between 16 and 25, spend an average of 16 minutes on each selfie-session, three times a day. 3 x 16 = 48 mins a day taking selfies, that’s 5.6 hours per week!

I have teenage daughters, I understand. I also ponder the prep work for selfie time – hair, makeup, face exercises, whatever… lighting, background, etc.

Then, finding just the right instagram filter, posting to Facebook. Checking Facebook to see the likes and comments… it seems addiction-like. Small rush of dopamine…then anxiety sets in…what to do? Take Another Selfie!

Of course, this was just one small survey, I’m sure there are plenty of teenagers that manage to do more productive things with those 5 hours a week.

And… this survey & infographic was put by feelunique.com — a commercial website with the tagline “The Destination for Beauty”, and features articles on things like “5 Steps to a Perfect Selfie“. So, the pool for this survey is obviously very skewed to the demographic of that website! (I’m shaking my fact-checking/bias-finding head at you, Daily Mail).

Selfie Enthusiasts

That said, out of the 2000 beauty-tip website pollsters — let’s call them “Selfie -Enthusiasts” — here are some of the other surprising (not really) stats:

Top reasons for posting a selfie

  • 22% reported taking selfies to impresses a new love interest
  • 18% take selfies to boost their confidence
  • 15% to make someone jealous

Thanks for taking a dive with me into the water of selfie takers.

Ow…the water was shallow, I bumped my head on the bottom of the pool.

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  • Frank Moraes

    January 21, 2016

    I don’t understand selfies because I’m not that limber. But I will say that as a person who tries to take public transit as much as I can, I am occasionally on buses with lots of high school students. They haven’t figured out how to deal with their hormones. It’s like they exist in the worst Tarzan movie ever made.

    I know that people don’t like to think that who they are is just a trick based upon chemical reactions that they don’t understand. But it’s the truth. The next thing that comes out of your mouth is about as surprising as Big Ben chiming at noon. And I say this as one of the most interesting people who ever existed. Yet I can’t take credit for it. Damn!

  • JT

    February 14, 2016

    Hilarious. That daily mail post was complete bunk — obviously the only purpose of the “study” was to promote the mentioned website.

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