Menomena Weird – Listen to This

menomena photoI was browsing looking for some new tunes and came across the band “Menomena”.

They remind me a little of TV on the Radio – so if you like them, have a listen. Never heard of TV on the Radio? You should check them out. Menomena are an indie experimental rock band from Portland, Oregon. This is my favorite track from them, it’s called “Weird”.

Menomena performing “Weird” live:

Nice video, amazing live performance — it sounds as good as the album version:

Wow, that’s a wicked song, eh?

I love the bass and syncopated beats – it creates a unique groove.

More Info about Menomena:

You can find more Menomena Videos on Youtube
or listen to a ton of their tracks for free at

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One Response to Menomena Weird – Listen to This

  1. ImmI says:

    Nice, very nice – gonna be checkin more of their stuff. Thanks!


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