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Cartoons by me (Toni Allen), plus links to other cartoons and comics from around the web.

Just for Fun – Cartoons

Blifaloo was originally one of the places I could showcase some of my cartoon work…though many have been buried deep in the huge web of pages it has become over the years. Here are some of my favs old and new…scroll to the bottom for links to more of my cartoons and comics.

No problem, I can make change.

I love my kids.

Pinches to Grow Inches Cartoon

...then Jung was all like "way", and I was like "no way"... I mean, tell me about your mother.

The only known Picasso painted under the influence of LSD.

More of my Cartoons and Illustrations can be found throughout various pages of my main site: — and have a look at the Cartoons and Humor section for more plus links to my favorite online comics.

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