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Update July 2nd, 2011: Still addicted to Black Ops, so I put together a bit of a more formal guide on my main site with some of my favorite class set-ups and tips about matching Perks and equipment with your chosen weapons / class. Please feel free to add your own tips or questions. Blifaloo’s CoD Black Ops Multiplayer Guide.

cod black opsCall of Duty Black Ops is the only first person shooter I’ve really spent time playing.

The online multiplayer features are super fun and addictive. In fact, I would be playing right now if not for the Playstation Network Outage. (Updates on the network outage can be found on the PS blog.)

Instead of playing, I’m reading about Black Ops…here are some good links, tips and other strategies to help out new players.

Black Ops Links

CoD Black Ops Guide to Weapons, Perks – Technical details on all weapons, attachments and perks, and a good discussion too.
Call of Duty Wiki – Everything you could imagine about the game can be found here, and if not — you could add it yourself. Great reference!
CoD Black Ops Maps – Maps for easy reference.

Tips for New Players
– Some good basic tips listed here.

My Tips for New Players

some of my favorite cod black ops weapons– Keep moving. After you kill, keep moving. It is harder to hit a moving target.

– After you die, watch your death before re-spawn. You’ll get an idea of where your enemies are hiding.

– Get to know the maps…this will happen naturally over time, but you can also check the links I provided for reference maps.

– Don’t buy stupid stuff with your precious COD money. Plan your purchases by your playing style.

– Ghost is a great first perk to buy, because you are invisible to Spy Planes when using this perk. Newbies will get killed a lot less with this perk.

– Ghost Perk tip: don’t follow teammates around with this perk… ghosts should move on their own or with other players using ghost. Travel around the outside of the maps to flank your opponents.

Right now I use a Famas with extended mags & suppressor. Ghost, Warlord Pro & Marathon. Domination/Ground War is my favorite game mode. I’m up to level 36, waiting for the AK-47.

See you online when this network outage is all over!

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