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Fun online games to help relieve boredom.

Video Games Are Good for You

Here are a few of my favorite casual but addictive flash games you can play, and feel good that you are getting a mental workout while being entertained at the same time.

1. Crazy Cube

crazy cube
Crazy Cube looks like a Rubik’s Cube, but the gameplay is completely different. Link every pair of like colored markers, the squares cannot be linked diagonally, black cells are blocked. Earn bonus points for speed. | Play Crazy Cube

2. Xraye

Xraye Game
Guide Raye through all 14 levels – sounds easy, eh? | Play Xraye

3. Tangram Puzzle Challenge

Tangram Puzzle Game
In this ancient puzzle game the object is to arrange four tiles to form the shape that is given to you. Can you make it through all the levels? | Play The Tangram Puzzle Challenge

Can Video Game Improve our Minds?

The American Psychological Association (APA) released the report “Playing Video Games Offers Learning Across Lifespan — Skills Transfer to Classroom, Surgical Procedures, Scientific Thinking”.

You can read the press release here, and also checkout’s post and related discussion in the comments.


Q. What do Juggling, Sex & Coffee all have in common (besides being awesome)?
A. They all are ways to improve your brainpower.

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Puzzles, Riddles & Games for Your Brain

Big site update news:

Have a look at Blifaloo’s newest feature:

Puzzles, Riddles & Games for your Brain.

The best way to improve your brain power is to exercise your mind.

So have a mental workout with matchstick puzzles, rebus riddles, tangrams, plus a ton of mini interactive flash puzzle games.

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