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Phone Tricks

The “Phone Trick Page” places a call to anyone (in the US or Canada) using a computer generated voice. The fun part? You can spoof the Caller ID name and number.

I used this to call a couple of friends and freak them out a bit — then called them back on my own phone afterwards so they didn’t call the police. Ha. If you use the tool I suggest you do the same and only call friends/family with it, otherwise you could easily be in trouble with the authorities.

To use the “Phone Trick Page” you need to type in a valid phone #s in both the number to call and caller ID# fields. You don’t need to use “1”, just a full 10 digit phone # that includes the area code. No dashes are needed. The process is a little confusing, so I suggest you call yourself first for a trial run.

Link: The Phone Trick Page

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