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Matchsticks – A Visual Riddle or Two

The object of this puzzle is to re-arrange 1 matchstick to create a true equation. You can get a box of matchsticks, toothpicks, pencils, etc… and set them up as shown below. You could just as well figure it out in your mind’s eye — but I think you’ll appreciate this mental exercise more with the physical aspect.

Click to view the answer...

You can click the image above to view the answer on Blifaloo’s main website. (There are more Matchstick Puzzles for you to try as well).

OK… how about one more puzzle before ending this post. This is an original creation of Peter Grabarchuk called “Matchstick Checkerboard”:

There are five squares formed with 20 matchsticks, as shown in the illustration below.
Goal: Move three matchstick to get nine squares. The matchsticks’ overlapping or breaking and “loose ends” are not allowed.

Click for Answer

See if you can figure it out before clicking on puzzle image to view the answer.

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Rebus Puzzles

Your job is to deduce what word or phrase the image represents. Also known as Pictographs. These visual riddles are part of a larger collection of puzzles and riddles on Blifaloo (links at the bottom of this post). Click the riddle to view the puzzles main page with answers.

More Rebus Puzzles here, and tons of other Visual Riddles and BrainTeasers

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