Charlie Brooker’s News Wipe

I stumbled upon a video from Charlie Brooker and had to mention it on this blog. Recently, a friend recommended I find his series called News Wipe. Check out this vid: Charlie Brooker also writes for the … Continue reading

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Aspirational TV – Charlie Brooker

If you live outside of the UK, you probably don’t know of Charlie Brooker. I found him through this video about the negative effects of “aspirational TV”: Good stuff… off to find more Charlie Brooker vids and info.

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Stroke of Genius

I saw a clip about Jill Bolte on the CBC the other night — totally fascinating. She relates her amazing experience of having a stroke from a brain researchers point of view. The part about loosing the function of her … Continue reading

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Man Man – Engwish Bwudd Video

Just a quickie post… Found another band worth listening to: Man Man. The video is pretty spiffy too, would like to see it in higher rez.

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